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Give for Chalk
Give for Chalk

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In every culture, the ultimate expression of caring is a gift.

We ponder, search and select what we feel will please the recipient most. It is especially difficult to find a gift for those we think already have everything they need.

If we look beyond the material realm, there is something everyone needs.That is, a spirit of charity, the compassionate act of reaching out to another human being. This is a true and lasting gift that will be meaningful to all who receive it.

Give for Chalk is a unique opportunity to bestow such a gift to your friends and family. When you support the AIDS Orphans Education Program and donate a scholarship in the name of your friend, you are not only helping the children, but also bringing a blessing to your friend.

With an education, the children impacted by AIDS will have a fighting chance for a better life. A mere HK$300 can sponsor the education of a primary school student for one year. It is an easy way to make your selection of gifts.

Download Greeting Card Order Form

Card Design Card Description Donation Amount (HKD)

One Cheerful Child

HK$ 400

Two Studious Students

HK$ 800

Three Keen Kids

HK$ 1,200

Four Faithful Friends

HK$ 1,600

A Captivating Class

HK$ 3,200


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