I am already a university student and should be paying back Chi Heng and paying back society. In the future, as long as the office lets me, I would like to help out as much as I can.

One time, when I went home, I told my father that I would definitely show him the beautiful maple leaves at my campus the following year, but…

What I studied is agriculture, so that is what I will practice in the future, but, having chosen this profession, I don’t know what I will become 10 or 20 years later. What I do know is that, however difficult my path may be, it will not be more difficult than what I have gone through in the past.

Thank you for supporting my education in the past two years. During this time, it has been your support that gives me encouragement and propels me forward in my life’s journey. Even though you are not mentoring me every minute, a warm current always flows into my heart each time I think about Chi Heng Foundation.

My daily life has greatly improved because of your financial assistance, and my mood has improved with it.

I want to become a famous white-gowned doctor because I want to do research on AIDS and its cure. I want to overcome this disease and grant therapy to all the AIDS victims in the world. I want to free the world from this terrible disease and save the whole world away from it.

I believe: “One’s success is determined 30% by fate, and 70% by effort. You can only succeed if you try hard!”

When someone asks you what your wish is, you may say, “scientist, writer, artist, …” And my wish is to become a researcher on flying saucers.