November 2020

All members of Chi Heng Foundation:

I’m so grateful for all that you’ve done!

Thank you for your care and help to our children; thank Mr. To and thank the kind-hearted people in the society.

We see hope from your care for the families of patients like us. Your kindness lifted our children and our family up from the pit of despair.

I have a profound feeling for Chi Heng when I attended the Chi Heng Caregiver Training Program (Note 1). I appreciated the enthusiasm of the Chi Heng staff and your love for us. We learned a lot from the program.  Not only did I learn to master how to care for myself and others, but you even helped me find a job. I am very grateful for it.

My name is Yu X Hong. I am a HIV patient. I was diagnosed the illness in 2007 and had been suffering from high fever for 13 months. At that time the mortality rate was high. There was a total of 117 death from 33 hospital beds within that 13 months. For those who stayed in the hospital for over nine months, no one managed to leave the hospital alive. At that time, I felt hopeless. I would cry every time when a patient died and was carried away. To fight against the disease, I laid my hope on my children, with an aim to send them to the university to become a pillar of the society. Under the day and night care of my wife and the meticulous treatment of the doctor, I recovered after thirteen months.

In March 2008, I was referred to the Chi Heng staff Liu Li and hence received aid from Chi Heng. The support was given to my son and daughter in the most difficult time of my family.  It was really a relief.

I sincerely thank Mr. To and all the members of Chi Heng for helping my children and my family, giving us warmth, walking out of the fire pit, and live a happy life.

Children of poor family are usually invulnerable. My son was admitted to XX University, and became the student union chairman, a top leader. Then he found a good job. He was one of the 35 recruited candidates from colleges and universities across the country. He was admitted to a central enterprise, directly under the State Council. He was often greeted by the governor of the province when he travelled for businesses. In one of his business trips to Sichuan Province, tens of billions of dollars were granted after the visit. Afterwards he made another business trip to Lijiang. He is dedicating his youth to the country and the people.

My daughter was also admitted to a good university and works in the Real Estate Development Department now. Their success is undoubtedly attributed to Chi Heng Foundation.

Chi Heng gave us guiding light. It delivers positive energy not only to young people, but also to the middle-aged like me. We all can have the opportunity to learn, to become useful to the society and to contribute to our society and people, and make our country more prosperous and stronger. What I have written and talked about are my own aspirations. It is meant to express my family’s gratitude to Chi Heng. It is also an appeal to society for the power of Chi Heng.

On behalf of my children and my family, I once again sincerely thank all members of Chi Heng, “You have done a great job!”, and you have made indelible contribution for the children and for those of us who attended the Caregiver Training Program. When I talked about it, my daughter-in-law recollected the past and shed tears. I felt hard too.  Forget it.


Yu X Hong

Note 1: An Introduction of the “Chi Heng Caregiver Training Program”

At present, aging population is getting worse. The job of caregivers for the elderly becomes more and more important.

On September 23, 2019, the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People’s Republic of China issued the “Opinions for Implementation of Further Expansion of Supply of Elderly Service and The Promotion of Elderly Service Consumption”. It clearly stated: building of professional elderly care service team to meet current and future social needs.

Chi Heng Foundation actively responds to the call of the State to carry out training for elderly caregivers. Chi Heng provides free training to members of poor families so as to help them with re-employment in line with the social demand.

Since the launch of the training program in 2019, five training sessions have been held as of December 31, 2020. A total of 104 people was trained, in which 63 participants under 25 years old, and 41 over 25 years old. There was a total of 331 indirect beneficiaries.

Chi Heng Caregiver Training Program

Chi Heng Caregiver Training Program

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