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Hello everybody.

I am Shan Shan, and I work at the Zhengzhou office of Chi Heng Foundation.

I wish to share a story with you today.

In my work, I once came across a child whose parents both contracted HIV through blood selling.

Even worse is that he himself is also HIV-positive, from mother-to-child transmission.

Hence, he has been living with his grandparents since he was small.

Chi Heng Foundation started sponsoring him when he was in junior school.

At that time, when we visited him at his home, we found him very introverted, timid, and afraid to speak with us.

However, he was really hardworking at school and later on got into a very good senior high school.

While there, we invited him to a Chi Heng summer camp which included a visit to a university.

Part of the camp involved art therapy, with an art instructor at the university teaching the kids how to draw.

Through this experience, he fell in love with art and decided to pursue this field, eventually getting himself accepted into that particular university to study art.

What really touches us is that, while studying at university, he often goes to the nearby Chi Heng office to help out as a volunteer.

In addition, he also participates in Chi Heng’s summer work, contributing his time and energy to care for, inspire, and encourage younger orphans back in his village, urging them to work hard at school.

He also often writes to us. His letters are full of sincerity and are very touching.

The previously timid and introverted child has by now turned into a very positive university student, one full of sunshine.

Chi Heng’s education sponsorship and psychosocial therapy have indeed transformed many children like him.

We are therefore very grateful to all of you for the love and care you have shown to these children and for your support of Chi Heng Foundation.

Because of your love, these children now have a better tomorrow.

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