The Management Team reports to the chief executive who in turn reports to the Chi Heng Board of Directors. Individual team members bring to Chi Heng many years of global and/or local management experience in corporate and non-profit sectors.

In addition to managing daily operations, the Management Team also performs many functions at the group and regional levels; including strategic planning, policy setting, budget management, partnership development, resource development, compliance, archive/documentation, human resources and staff development, IT/web site management and event management.


Chung TO
Founded Chi Heng: 1998
Education:  Columbia University, U.S; Master’s degree from Harvard University, U.S

Chung holds  a bachelor’s degree from Columbia University and a master’s degree from Harvard University. He has worked for numerous well-known international financial institutions in the Wall Street and Hong Kong. He was a model business elite in the financial industry. In 1998, Chung launched the Chi Heng Foundation. Since then, he has spent 20 years to work with Chi Heng on a full time pro bono basis to help the AIDS impacted orphans and families in China. With his “One helps three, three help nine, happy charity” concept, Chung has influenced generations of recipients, all staff of Chi Heng and people from all walks of life. Until now, Chi Heng Foundation has developed into one of the most influential NGOs in China excelled in anti-discrimination and AIDS prevention and education among vulnerable groups.


OVCY Project Director
Joined Chi Heng: 2009
Education: Legal Secretarial, Henan University of Economics and Law, China

Judy joined Chi Heng Foundation in 2009. She has held various positions as information officer, project assistant, assistant to Office Director, Deputy Office Director and Director of Zhengzhou Office. As the pivotal national co-ordination office of the AIDS Orphans Education Assistance Program, Zhengzhou Office has long undertaken complex and important work. Judy in her role of Office Director has demonstrated outstanding co-ordination ability. With her continuous learning attitude, she has been able to handle the work rigorously and productively, as well as developing an excellent team. Following the continuous development and growth of Chi Heng Foundation, Judy by virtue of her excellent work ability and attitude, becomes an indispensable member of the team.

Hongpeng ZHANG
OVCY Program Director of Central China
Joined Chi Heng: 2008
Education: Applied English, Anhui International Business and Economics College, China

Hongpeng is currently in charge of the OVCY (AIDS Orphans Educational Assistance) project of Central China. Since joining Chi Heng in 2008, Hongpeng has brought outstanding results for a series of work he accomplished for Central China with solid and steady progress. His exceptional diplomatic capacity is pivotal to the continuous development of new project locations, which makes Chi Heng’s services grow stronger in Central China. In the past 10 years, as one of the veterans of Chi Heng Foundation, Hongpeng made outstanding contributions to the development of the OVCY project by his steady work attitude and refining organising ability.

OVCY Program Director of Southwest
Joined Chi Heng: 2019
Education: Special Education, Zhengzhou Normal College, China

Jenny re-joined Chi Heng in September, 2019 as OVCY Program Director of Southwest China. She took various positions as information officer, executive assistant, activity officer and resources development officer from 2012 to 2017 in Chi Heng after she graduated from college. She is very familiar with daily operation of Chi Heng. She returned to Chi Heng with her rich work experience and good management ability. She works with our OVCY southwest team to promote steady and sustainable development of our OVCY project.

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