Our “Program for AIDS-impacted children” provides long-term, holistic support to AIDS impacted children in China. We focus on supporting the AIDS-impacted children but have also extended our service to other students who have endured poverty, sickness in the family, or discrimination.We help them through our care and psychosocial programs and education expense sponsorship, so they will overcome their childhood trauma of seeing their beloved parents battle with AIDS and discrimination by fellow villagers for being from AIDS families. Our goal is to help them empower themselves through education, so they will stand on their own feet, be confident in life, and have a giving spirit to help others.

Thanks to your support, we have already served over 29,000 students. In the current school year, we are sponsoring over 8,000 students.

*student numbers updated with 2018-19 school year data.


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From Wall Street to AIDS Villages

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