Dec. 12, 2009

Dear Uncle To,

First of all, let me wish you and all the staff at Chi Heng Foundation good health and good fortune! Thank you for supporting my education in the past two years. During this time, it has been your support that gives me encouragement and propels me forward in my life’s journey. Even though you are not mentoring me every minute, a warm current always flows into my heart each time I think about Chi Heng Foundation. On these occasions, I can personally feel that we, this special-needs group of people, are not forgotten by the world. This is what gives me the momentum to march forward.

Many things have happened in these two years. Both mom and dad passed away, and I have therefore become a true orphan. This would be a momentous upheaval to anybody, but what could I do about it? I can only accept these heartbreaking events as reality, just as a well-known person once said, “Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.” They, however, actually made me stronger. Even though my parents are no longer with me, I know that they are still watching over me from afar, giving me their blessings, and wishing me happiness in life. Therefore, I constantly remind myself not to be defeated by any difficulty before me and that I must continue on with courage. Because I still have other relatives as well as Chi Heng Foundation to support and help me, there is no reason I cannot face the future with courage.

There is a saying, “A little bit of favor should be repaid many fold.” Chi Heng has been quietly and unceasingly supporting me and helping me for the last two years; I really don’t know how to repay Uncle To and all the Chi Heng staff. I can only wish all of you the best from the bottom of my heart. I will be graduating in 6 months. Today would not have been possible if not for your support, so please allow me to thank you one more time. Uncle To has not only supported me in education but has had a great influence on me on how to conduct myself. It was you who made me realize the importance of having good people in our society. It was you who showed me the brightest light in humanity, and it was you who pointed me in the right direction in life. If, in the future, I am not able to have as big a social impact as you do, Uncle To, I will still try my utmost to contribute to society!

That’s all for now, Uncle To. Every time I write to you, it is a baptism for my soul!
I wish you all the best at work and in life!
And blessings to all the good people in this world like you and the staff at Chi Heng Foundation!

Tao Tao

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