“Your assistance is not just in the material realm, but, more importantly, you have provided us with spiritual comfort. My parents can see the hope in our generation amidst the despondency in their own lives. Our lives are thus filled with both sorrow and hope.”

“I no longer feel lonesome since becoming part of this big Chi Heng family. Knowing that there are so many kindhearted people who care about me fills my life with hope and makes me realize that there is goodness in the real world after all. It was primarily because of Chi Heng’s help that I was able to emerge from a world of sorrow, and now, I understand how important a positive attitude and outlook are to a person’s life. Once again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“I thank you very, very much, Mr. To, for all the care and assistance you have given to those suffering from AIDS. Your help has given me sufficient courage to pull myself out of a dark corner. Even though I am not a particularly outstanding student, you have still taught me how to live and how to face life. I promise that this tiny drop of favor will be repaid many fold.”

“Chi Heng leads the way for us impoverished children and gives us hope, so that life is no longer so unsettled. Nowadays, the world is very much concerned about this horrible disease called AIDS, something that greatly frightens people, and although we are sheltered to an extent, we still have to deal with the negative prejudice that comes with AIDS. People are afraid, afraid of coming into contact with us. We don’t get to take part in many activities that other children engage in, be it play or work. However, Chi Heng is not afraid. It interacts with us, communicates with us, and comes into contact with us, making us feel that there are still compassionate people on earth, standing shoulder to shoulder with us, fighting this devil of diseases. It gives us a ray of hope amidst all this darkness.”

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