Ya Nan (阿楠)

Fourteen Years Old
Primary School Grade Five
Father Diagnosed with AIDS
Two sisters have dropped out of school due to insufficient funds

Everyone has his own wish. When someone asks you what your wish is, you may say, “scientist, writer, artist, …” And my wish is to become a researcher on flying saucers.

I’m attracted to flying saucers. Modern scientific knowledge has provided a good basis for research on flying saucers and the universe itself.

From the 40’s, people have constantly discovered unidentified flying objects. They have come in different ways, and unpredictably. UFOs are like two saucers put together, so they are also called flying saucers. They come in different sizes, and can send out glittering lights. I believe UFOs are driven by other aliens who are highly intelligent, and there are many facts to prove that.

There are many incidents on earth that cannot be explained, which I believe are related to UFOs. The Inca tribe is an example. Viewed from above, their plains contain different patterns of insects and stars. Since people at that time could not be able to do these “masterpieces,” could it be that it was accomplished by highly intelligent aliens?

Thank you sponsors, for your care and support of me.

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