May 1, 2020

We met on a beautiful day in the late summer, and it was August 23rd.

I remembered that the night was especially hot and I felt lost to be in an unfamiliar city. It was the first time that I stayed far away from home. When we first gathered in the school, we were shy. But when we got familiar with each other, we showed our brightest smile.

We are a group of young bakers, passionate, optimistic, and motivated. We love baking from deep in our hearts. If you are willing to understand our baking, you will receive the best taste and feeling on earth, because all baking products are accomplished by our great effort. We have touched the dough, felt its softness in our hands for the first time, and gained good baking results, with wonderful smell and heat from the oven.

Of course, we feel delighted and proud when our baking skills have improved. Rather than professional baking classes, there are also a variety of other interesting classes such as life skills classes, English classes, and more. During life skills classes, we discussed with each other and run brainstorming sessions. During English classes, we communicated with the English teacher bravely and actively. These activities came beyond our expectations, which made us find ourselves. In the sports game, we were young and full of vitality, dripping with sweat. We listened carefully in class and worked hard during charity markets because we are helped and supported by others, so we must do our best to show our appreciation and gratefulness.

Furthermore, there were unforgettable internships. We were allocated to different hotels and went to work early in the morning. Our skills improved so much after attending baking classes in the hotels and overcoming difficulty during our internships. We are bakers in the kitchen, making bread and pastries for customers. Every time I think back about those times, I feel extremely happy. What is the truth of baking? To me, I believe it is to bringing joy and happiness to others. Fortunately, we have overcome all challenges to become a better baker. So, internship is a piece of cake for us.

We would continue to endeavor and work hard on this journey. We always have high morale to achieve our goals for the future and to reach our dream of becoming a baker. We will also continue to live lively and lovely, giving back to those who helped us on our way. We are shining on this journey.

Finally, to all lovely people, teachers, volunteers, and the SYB program team, you are the ones that made us who we are today. Just like how you all choose to support us without hesitation, we all also give back to everyone and the entire society with the best of us.

The 12th batch of Shanghai Young Bakers student
Dong Huiru 董慧茹

Translator: Nikita Xu
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