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Educational Programs are our number one priority. There are three types of educational financial support – Basic Sponsorships, Scholarships, and Need-based Subsidies. These support, in particular the Basic Sponsorship program, are our most capital-intensive and take precedence over all others. Our staff handle the distribution of funds, careful in ensuring that there is no misappropriation of donations. Money goes directly to support children’s needs and never pass through any official or middleman.

Riding on the success of our first educational program – “Starfish”, the foundation had built up a sound infrastructure to serve the children impacted by HIV/AIDS in China over the last 2 decades. We believed the educational program could benefit more than just HIV/AIDS families and students. The Board had decided to start a new program – “Seahorse” in 2019 to sponsor underprivileged students having good academic achievements but suffering from poverty, illness and/or discrimination.

Basic Sponsorship

To provide financial support for educational expenses.

Children who have at least one HIV positive parent or have parent(s) who died of AIDS. We always verify eligibility before commencing sponsorship. Our staff members also “spot check” to ensure that only those who qualify receive sponsorship.

All children who qualify can be sponsored from pre-school to college, with no cap in numbers per village or household. This approach discourages competition among villagers and eliminates the need for anyone to beg to get on to our sponsorship program. Hence, we can preserve the dignity of these children, which we try to do every step of the way.

Funding Commitment and Cost
Once a student qualifies for sponsorship, he/she is guaranteed sponsorship for all his/her years of education.

Funds needed per year to support a student:

Amounts may vary by schools, by grade, and family conditions, covering living subsidies or boarding fees on as needed basis:

One primary student:                         HKD 440       CNY 400       USD 60

One junior high school student:       HKD 660       CNY 600       USD 90

One vocational student:                     HKD 4,600    CNY 4,200    USD 590

One senior high school student:       HKD 4,800    CNY 4,400    USD 620

One university student:                      HKD 6,000    CNY 5,500    USD 770

Merit-based Award

Provide incentives for students to excel in school. Cash awards are given each year to children with the top academic achievements.

Children who have at least one HIV positive parent, or one or both parents who have died of AIDS.

Funding Commitment and Cost
The award amount may vary depending on the availability of funding.

Need-based Subsidy

To sponsor the education of children impacted by AIDS who have no one caring for them or have lost both parents to AIDS. This program usually entails paying for room and board at boarding schools.

Children who have lost both parents to AIDS or have no one caring for them.

Funding Commitment and Cost
Costs vary according to school.

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