Our social programs are designed to help children overcome obstacles resulting from being impacted by AIDS, e.g., making them feel wanted and loved, helping them overcome social stigma or the childhood trauma of losing their beloved parent(s). They also provide a means to monitor the children’s progress, ensure that they remain on track, and provide guidance, support, and care in the form of human contact, which all children need to thrive.

In 2018-19 school year, our psychosocial activities inspired 70% of our junior high students to continue their studies in senior high or vocational schools. 93% of our senior high students strived to enter universities after attending our psychosocial activities.

Home Visit

This may include playing and chatting with children and distribution of material assistance.

Why we do it
To show love and care and provide company to kids whose parents have passed away or are too weak to do so, and to assess the situation and needs of the children at home.

Summer Camp

The first summer camp was held in 2005. The camps focus on the psychological development of our students through group discussions.

Why we do it
To build self-esteem and foster healing, to expand the children’s horizon, and to inspire them to aim higher in life via university campus tours and visits to businesses.

Art Counseling

Art counseling is a psychotherapeutic discipline that uses artistic expression, such as drawings, essays, or letters, as a means of facilitating the expression of thoughts and feelings that an individual may be unable or unwilling to verbalize.

Why we do it
To help children who have been through the traumatic experience of watching their loved ones die of AIDS, we ask students to write essays and draw sketches about their hopes and aspirations. This Art Counseling program helps children express themselves by getting their doubts, fear, and apathy off their chests and regaining hope, self-esteem, and a positive frame of mind.

I want to see my dad 我很想去看我的爸爸

Kun Lun 坤倫

I really want to see my dad.
When my dad was still alive, he cared about me, loved me.
Dad, I miss you so much.

My little campanions 我的小伙伴

Xiao Bao 小寶 

I raise lots of pets at home and play with them whenever I’m unhappy. Nobody plays with me, so I talk to them. I hope that I can be just like a kid of a normal family, playing with other kids without pressure.

Visiting graveyards 上墳

Xiao Yu 小玉

Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, how are you all in the another world? Today I come to visit your graves. Are you around me now?

I feel very sad whenever I come to visit you, as I cannot see you anymore. Whenever I think of you, I think of the past when I told jokes to you with my clear voice. But now I have to ask you: can you all hear what I say?

Days when we were together 我們走過的日子

Xiao Yu 小玉

Do you still remember the times when the other kids made fun of my AIDS-infected mother, how you protected me with your small arms, telling me that you would always be the angel that watch over me. I will always remember our friendship like a rainbow.

Starfish 海星

Xiao Wei 小偉

I saw lots of starfish in the aquarium today. When I saw them, I thought of myself as a starfish, a starfish once grounded on the seashore.
A lot of other kids and I are affected by the disease and lost the chance to go to school. Chi Heng Foundation’s help has allowed me to go back to school and be with my companions again. Now I am again a starfish swimming freely in the water.

Handprints in Harmony 和諧

Collective painting 學生集體創作

Each hand print represents a village kid who grows safely and healthily under the love and care of Chi Heng!

Never give up 永不放棄

Wen Fei 文飛

We will experience different kinds of difficulties in our life. How should I react at that time? Fall back? No! I must not give up. Just like the person in this drawing, I should keep moving forward towards my goal. Moreover, I am not alone. People who care for us will help us create a better future hand-in-hand.

Love 愛

Ah Mong 阿蒙

Live our dreams as big as our hearts!

Growing under Love Against AIDS 在關懷愛滋下成長

Kun Lun 坤倫

I have made many friends in Chi Heng. They play with me without any fears of AIDS who make me feel loved and cared. Together I hope we can grow up strong and sturdy.

Hangzhou Pavilion 杭州亭

Kun Lun 坤倫

I love drawing so much, but watercolor is my first time though. I can create the different colours of the nature if I mix different paints. It’s magic!

My schoolmates do not like me 我的同學不喜歡我

Story by : Kun Lun 坤倫 (a Chi Heng sponsored child)
Drawing by:Xi Cai 思齊 (a child of a Hong Kong supporter)

Hero Book

The Hero Book is culturally adapted from a program of the same name for teenagers well established in Africa for teenage children. The children are asked to delve deep into their memories and identify forgotten heroes (including themselves) in their lives, then create a hero book by their own hands employing their own words and pictures.

Why we do it
To increase the self-esteem of children impacted by AIDS, who are often discriminated by those around them due to social stigma, and to enhance their aspirations.

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