Antiretroviral Drugs Disbursement

We were the pioneers in disbursing antiretroviral drugs to HIV-positive children, to keep them healthy so that they could pursue their education. This program was discontinued after the Chinese government started dispensing these drugs to afflicted people.

Why we did it

In the early days, there were no antiretroviral drugs available for free for the villagers.

Memory Book Project

Based on a successful African model, Memory Books are printed ‘activity booklets’ in which children can explore, record, and come to terms with their personal histories, hopes and dreams including their relationships with and memories of their parents. 1,500 copies of the memory books were distributed to orphans and schools in Spring 2005.

Why we did it

To help children cope with loss, stigma and other hardships and to preserve memories that might otherwise be lost in the tumult of AIDS.

Click here to download a blank Memory Book in Chinese.
Click here to download the English translation of a blank Memory Book (text only)
Click here to see a sample of a completed Memory Book

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